About me :)

The MOLEcule

TheMOLEcule is a blog about my life with my little son, my husband or friendships as well as my mentally ill mother.I would love for this platform to be a place where you can also share your thoughts and experiences about those topics as you read along. Apart from that I hope to freshen up your day, make you laugh every now and then, or just assure you that we are all just humans far from being perfekt. I am always happy to get in touch so feel free to leave (a) comment(s) ar send an email.

Curious about the name? TheMOLEcule came into being when I was looking for a name for my blog and tried to somehow connect the topics I am writing about. When our son was just born, he so reminded us of a little mole. He was just looking around the room with his eyes closed as if he was looking for something. We have been calling him our little mole ever since. When I realised that mole is part of the word molecule, and a molecule consist of different atoms just as the topics  (atoms) I am writing about here are united on my blog (molecule) I had my blog-name (also, my husband is a physicist, haha). 

Who is writing here…?

That would be me 🙂 Hi, I am Allie. It is the name that my friends in America call me and which I came to love during the months I lived overseas. I am a mom, a wife and the daughter of a mentally ill (but very amiable) mother. Because life can be very crazy and far from normal at times, because parenting can raise a thousand questions, because being a wife or a friend often causes high expectations of oneself, and the psychological illness of a loved one can leave you totally exhausted at one point and bursting out into laughter the next, I am writing this blog.

In my real life I am a teacher-to-be, I enjoy reading and writing, I love love love traveling and usually plan the next trip before being home from the last one. I like structure and making plans even though I don’t mind changing them. I like long walks through the woods, along the river and across bridges, I love the fall with its changing leaves and bright colours, I am happy to be surrounded by crowds of people but also enjoy some alone time. I love a good cup of coffee preferably from the french press. I have a weakness for the english language and I do believe that there is a faithful god who is holding everything in his hands.

Thanks so much for being here 🙂